LightKings RGB LED Strip Lights for Car Interiors

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  • Car LED light interior, simple decorative car. It offers a romantic range of eight solid colors, and gradient lighting can make the car more attractive. You can change the color according to the mode of the music, which is very fashionable.
  • Easy to install - you don't even need wiring. First insert the car cigarette lighter, then peel off the 3M double-sided tape on the back, stick the light bar on the car floor, and embed the wire into the bottom of the mat, you can't see the wire. The simple interior lights are designed to decorate your car with a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior.
  • Multi-function - 4 36 LEDs, 9 LED / lamp, voltage: DC 12V. Wattage: 10W. Most buyers may not use the remote control properly. Please note: 1. The remote control should point directly to the black receiver box with no obstructions between them. 2. You can control anywhere in the car and control the color changes at any time for fun.
  • Perfect Music RGB model -8 color RGB LED car interior lighting kit, you can use the wireless music remote control to change the color of the LED and adjust the brightness as needed. In addition, the voice control function allows you to enjoy the following discoloration fun. And sound.