KONNWEI KW210 Smart 12V Car Battery Tester w/ 100 to 2000CCA Cranking

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  • 12/24V BATTERY COMPATIBLE- Conveniently and accurately check the charge of the 12V or 24V battery in your car, motorcycle, truck or SUV.
  • EXTRA LARGE CLAMPS- Our clamps are sturdier and larger-sized than the competition, providing a more secure fit on a wider range of terminals. Bigger is better!
  • BRILLIANT LED DISPLAY- A crystal clear and easy-to-read LED status indicator lets you know exactly the state of charge for your battery or alternator - no more fussy gauges or fuzzy digital displays.
  • BATTERY CHECK, ALTERNATOR CHECK, EXTERNAL CHARGE CHECK- battery check indicates whether your battery's in working condition; alternator check indicates the state of your alternator based on its measured voltage; external charge check indicates your battery's charge when using an external power source.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN- Sporting compact dimensions and a lightweight design, this battery and alternator checker is perfectly portable and fits neatly inside of pockets.